Best Time To Visit Egypt 2024

Best Time To Visit Egypt 2024: To ensure a delightful trip to Egypt, aim to schedule your visit between October and April. During these months, you’ll enjoy pleasant daytime temperatures and cool evenings, with the added bonus of abundant sunshine. This period is ideal for wandering through the bustling streets of Cairo or embarking on a desert exploration.

Egypt is known for its mostly dry climate, offering plenty of sunny days with minimal rainfall. The peak of the heat occurs from June to August, while January offers a cooler respite. Rain is a rare guest in Egypt, mostly gracing the coast from December to March.

Best Time To Visit Egypt 2024
Best Time To Visit Egypt 2024

Summer temperatures can soar up to 40°C, making urban adventures in crowded places a bit challenging, yet providing perfect conditions for snorkeling in the Sinai beaches.

When planning your Egyptian journey, consider what experiences you’re looking to have. This guide is crafted to assist you in finding the optimal time for your adventure, ensuring your visit aligns with your desires.

When to beat the crowds

Like its neighbor Morocco, Tunisia experiences a surge in tourism from November to February due to cooler temperatures. To avoid the intense heat and crowds, it’s best to visit in the spring (March/April) or autumn (September/October). But which season is better? Generally, autumn is preferred. Spring brings the khamaseen, a hot sand wind that occurs irregularly in the first half of the year. However, don’t let that discourage you! It’s not a constant sandstorm but rather short blasts lasting a few hours.

Can I visit Egypt during Ramadan?

In [Country], Ramadan is a big deal! It lasts for about a month, though the dates change each year. During Ramadan, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset as a way to connect spiritually. You might notice some changes around town during this time – like restaurants and shops adjusting their hours.

If you’re not Muslim, you don’t have to fast, but it’s nice to be respectful. That means maybe not eating or drinking in public during the day.

But don’t worry, Ramadan isn’t all about restrictions – it’s actually a really cool cultural experience! You’ll see lots of people heading to mosques for evening prayers, and then hitting the streets for iftar – the big meal to break the fast.

And the fun doesn’t stop there! After Ramadan ends, there’s a big three-day celebration called Eid al-Fitr. It’s like a huge party to mark the end of fasting. Trust me, it’s something you won’t want to miss.

When to visit to cruise the Nile

Exploring the Nile may sound like a refreshing journey with cool river breezes all year round, but there’s a catch. Certain stops along the way, such as Luxor and Aswan, can swelter in the summer heat, often exceeding a scorching 45°C (113°F)! While most cruise ships offer air conditioning to combat the heat, traditional feluccas rely on nature’s breeze. For a more luxurious experience, some upscale vessels even boast refreshing pools, perfect for relaxing amid the sun-drenched scenery.

When planning your Nile adventure, it’s essential to consider the amenities available on your chosen vessel and your personal heat tolerance. However, as a general rule, spring and autumn offer the most pleasant weather for immersing yourself in the magic of one of the world’s most renowned rivers.

Best Times to Visit Egypt for a Nile Cruise

Location: Nile Cruise off the coast of Luxor, Egypt

A Nile cruise, mainly cruising between Luxor and Aswan, sailing along “the mother of civilizations”, can be the ultimate way to discover Egypt.

Best Times to Visit Egypt for a Nile Cruise
Best Times to Visit Egypt for a Nile Cruise
  1. Mild Season (December to February)
    • Ideal for Nile Cruise.
    • Best experience during this time.
    • Pleasant weather for outdoor activities.
  2. Christmas and New Year Vacation
    • Perfect for family trips.
    • Offers a festive atmosphere.
    • Memorable experience celebrating with crew and other travelers.
  3. Warm Seasons (March to April and October to November)
    • Considerate weather.
    • Less crowding and lower prices compared to peak season.
    • Suitable temperatures for sightseeing.
  4. Peak Season
    • Travel during peak season requires advance planning.
    • Book flights and hotels at least six months in advance.
    • Avoids temporary price increases and room/seat shortages.
  5. Recommendation
    • Consider traveling with Global Highlights for a hassle-free private and tailor-made tour.

Best Times to Visit Hurghada

Location: Dive into the Red Sea, Hurghada, Egypt

Hurghada, known as a beautiful coastal city with good seaside resorts, is always popular with people who want to immerse themselves in the blue sea and sky and feel the sea breeze on warm, dry days of relaxation.

Best Times to Visit Hurghada
Best Times to Visit Hurghada

Best Times to Visit:

  1. March to May: Ideal for swimming and water sports. The weather is pleasant for water activities, and the crowds are reasonable.
  2. September to November: Another great time for water activities with pleasant weather and fewer crowds.

Special Events:

  • Christmas and New Year: Hurghada is a good destination for celebrating Christmas and New Year with your family, offering mild weather during December to February.
  • December to February: Best time for the most active outdoor activities besides water fun. Enjoy comfortable weather for nearby attractions like desert safaris, ancient temples, and markets.

Worst Times to Visit Egypt

Location: Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt

Timing: May, June, July, and August

May, June, July, and August are considered the worst months to visit Egypt, particularly the area around the Great Pyramid of Giza. During these months, the weather can be extremely hot, with daily temperatures ranging from 32 to 44°C (90 to 111°F). Additionally, occasional dusty windstorms, especially in May, can further exacerbate the discomfort.

Worst Times to Visit Egypt
Worst Times to Visit Egypt

Despite the challenging weather conditions, there are some advantages to traveling during these months. Hotels often offer good deals, and there are fewer crowds at popular tourist sites like the Great Pyramid of Giza. Moreover, travelers can still enjoy certain activities such as taking a Nile River cruise, diving in the Red Sea, and exploring indoor attractions, which can help make the trip more enjoyable despite the heat.

Weather in Major Cities in Egypt

Here’s the weather information for major cities in Egypt in a sequential format, along with the average maximum and minimum temperatures for each month:

Weather in Major Cities in Egypt
Weather in Major Cities in Egypt


  • January: Average Max. Temperature: 18ºC / 64ºF, Average Min. Temperature: 7ºC / 44ºF
  • February: Average Max. Temperature: 20ºC / 68ºF, Average Min. Temperature: 8ºC / 46ºF
  • March: Average Max. Temperature: 23ºC / 73ºF, Average Min. Temperature: 11ºC / 52ºF
  • April: Average Max. Temperature: 28ºC / 82ºF, Average Min. Temperature: 15ºC / 59ºF
  • May: Average Max. Temperature: 33ºC / 91ºF, Average Min. Temperature: 19ºC / 66ºF
  • June: Average Max. Temperature: 35ºC / 95ºF, Average Min. Temperature: 22ºC / 72ºF
  • July: Average Max. Temperature: 36ºC / 97ºF, Average Min. Temperature: 23ºC / 74ºF
  • August: Average Max. Temperature: 36ºC / 97ºF, Average Min. Temperature: 23ºC / 74ºF
  • September: Average Max. Temperature: 34ºC / 93ºF, Average Min. Temperature: 21ºC / 70ºF
  • October: Average Max. Temperature: 30ºC / 86ºF, Average Min. Temperature: 17ºC / 63ºF
  • November: Average Max. Temperature: 24ºC / 75ºF, Average Min. Temperature: 12ºC / 54ºF
  • December: Average Max. Temperature: 19ºC / 66ºF, Average Min. Temperature: 8ºC / 46ºF

2. Alexandria

  • Same weather pattern as Cairo, with slight variations in temperature.

3. Luxor

  • Same weather pattern as Cairo, with slightly higher temperatures especially in the summer months.

4. Aswan

  • Generally hotter than Cairo and Luxor, with temperatures often exceeding 40ºC in the summer months.

5. Hurghada

  • Similar weather pattern to Cairo, but with slightly higher temperatures, especially in the summer months.

6. Sharm El Sheikh

  • Similar weather pattern to Cairo, but with slightly higher temperatures, especially in the summer months.

It’s worth noting that Egypt experiences very little rainfall throughout the year, so travelers should primarily focus on the temperature when planning their trips.

Egypt Travel Tips by Month

Sure, here’s the information organized by month with place details and event timing for Egypt travel

Egypt Travel Tips by Month
Egypt Travel Tips by Month


  • Event: Coptic Christmas Day
  • Location: Cairo, Egypt
  • Timing: January 7th

Due to the cool-to-mild temperatures, averaging daily highs of 19°C (67°F) throughout Egypt, January is one of the busiest months to visit Egypt.

Even though you can expect larger crowds and higher prices, visiting during January means you can enjoy a wide range of activities without the uncomfortable heat, such as camel riding, Nile River cruises, and outdoor sightseeing.

If you are traveling in Egypt on January 7th, you could witness the celebration of Coptic Christmas Day, also known as Egypt’s second Christmas.

People decorate the streets and shops with bells, fairy lights, and Christmas trees. Dive into the festive spirit and feel the lively vibe by joining locals’ celebration events.

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