Locks for doors that open to the outside A Complete Guide

Locks for Doors that Open Outward: Hey there, an attentive homeowner of a business! Have you ever considered the security locks that you have on your exterior doors? It’s a good idea, too. This guide will help you through the myriad of lock types specially made for these kinds of doors.

Locks for Doors that Open Outward
Locks for Doors that Open Outward


Types of Outward Opening Doors


Yes, they are in most homes. They are usually used for back doors or patio doors.


Imagine offices. The huge, massive glass doors typically swing outward.


Factories and warehouses are my dear friends. I need heavy-duty items here.

Security Risks

Potential Problems

Doors that open to the outside can cause problems. Easy to enter, and you can know.

Intrusion Concerns

An outside door might be opened with a click. Be aware of this.

Types of Locks Suitable for Outward Opening Doors


Everyone’s go-to. Strong as a rock and easy to set up.

Mortise Locks

Old-fashioned but still gold. These are incorporated into the door.

Rim Locks

These are placed on the surface of your door. It’s not as secure, however nevertheless worth a look.

Choosing the Right Material

Stainless Steel

Your best bet. Rust-resistant and durable.


It looks nice, but it’s not very powerful. Beautifully pleasing, however.

Zinc Alloy

Affordable and fun. However, it won’t last.

Installation Tips

DIY or Professional?

Are you a handyman? Maybe. But pros make fewer mistakes.

Necessary Tools

A drill, a few screws, and some patience. It’s all you need to get started.

Additional Security Measures

Door Chains

Oldie but a goodie. Security added.


Check out who’s knocking but without being open.

Security Cameras

Big Brother is watching and in the best way.

Smart Locks


Unlock your phone with your phone. Isn’t that cool?

Popular Brands

In August, Yale, as well as Schlage, made waves in this space.

Cost Factor

Budget Locks

Cheap, but don’t be expecting miracles.


It won’t cost you a dime or sully your spirit.


A bit pricey. But, really, how do you price security?

Maintenance Tips

Regular Upkeep

A bit of oil can go far.


My WD-40 friend. Works wonders.

Common Mistakes

Wrong Size

Buy twice, measure twice.

Poor Material Choice

Don’t skimp on quality. Really, don’t.

Legal Considerations

Building Codes

Be aware. Make sure you are aware of local laws.


Don’t be fined for naiveté.

Reviews and Recommendations

See what others are commenting on. You might want to ask an expert two.

Reviews and Recommendations

Locks to pick? This isn’t just a task for burglars! If you’re searching for a job, you need to look deep. Online reviews can be a treasure trove of customer experience. Find multiple sources, including e-commerce sites, forums, forums, or even platforms for social networking.

Experts are now able to add another level of trust. Locksmiths, experts in home security as well as architects are able to give valuable insight. A quick visit could help you save a significant amount of money and headaches later on.

DIY Installation in comparison to. Professional Assistance

Time is Money

Installing a lock isn’t rocket science. Yet, it demands precision. If you’re running out of time, perhaps an expert is the best option to proceed.

Skill Level

Are you skilled using tools? Terrific! But make sure you study the instruction manual at least three times. Any mistake can compromise the entire system.


Making it your own will help you save on the expense of labor. However, hiring a professional can typically mean that the task is done correctly in the very first attempt.

The Environment Factor

Weather Conditions

Consider your locale. Are you in a humid area? Rainy? Super cold? Every condition requires a different type of material and different maintenance procedures.


Rural or urban? Each comes with its security issues. Larger cities typically have more risk of burglaries.

Warranty and Customer Service

Don’t forget this. A warranty could save your life. Additionally, excellent customer service will solve any problems you may have after purchasing.

Security Beyond Locks

Community Watch

Sometimes, the most effective protection is a curious neighbor. Community surveillance programs can be extremely efficient.

Pets as Deterrents

Dogs may have no use as a security device, but they can certainly disorient an intruder.

Security Systems

Consider connecting your lock to an overall security system. Sensors, alarms and even smart home systems could provide an all-encompassing security approach.

Insurance Considerations

Do you realize that the kind of lock you choose to install can influence your home insurance rates? Certain Insurance companies provide discounts to homes that have locks with a high level of security.


This is it. Here it is, folks! Everything you must know about locking doors that are open. Be safe and knowledgeable!


Do I have the ability to install these locks by myself?

Sure, but perhaps you should consult a professional.

Are smart locks worth the investment?

If you love tech, absolutely.

What is the most secure lock?

Deadbolts are the most popular choice for cake.

When should I check my lock?

At least once every year.

Are doors that open outwards less secured?

It’s not so if you select the correct lock.

Is it difficult to change lock types later?

It’s not often, but it could be necessary to drill new holes.

Does the insurance company really pay attention to the kind of lock I own?

You bet. It can affect your insurance premiums.

Can I connect my lock to Alexa or Google Home?

When it’s a Smart Lock, it’s likely.

What happens if my lock becomes stuck?

A little bit of lubrication usually can solve the problem. If not, contact the locksmith.

Do you really need a peephole?

It’s a layer of protection. Then, why wouldn’t we?

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